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  1. Pelikan Correction Fluid 20ml, Water Based

    Pelikan Correction Fluid

    SAR 3.90
  2. Pelikan Blanco® Mini Correction Tape 4.2 mm

    • Strap Width: 4.2 Mm
    • Tape Length: 6 M
    • Correction Can Be Written Over Immediately
    • No Edges and Shadow when Copying
    • No Solvents
    SAR 36.50
  3. Pelican Blanco Correction Fluid 20ml - Solvent Based

    The blanco® Fluid Bottle by Pelikan allows pin-pointed and extensive corrections. The correction fluid dries fast. Includes a paintbrush and a mixing ball

    SAR 3.50
  4. Camlin Cover it Pen (Correcting Fluid)

    Camlin Cover it Pen is a type of correcting fluid pen manufactured by the Indian company Camlin.

    SAR 2.17
  5. Pelikan Correcto (7ml)12 Pcs

    • Pelikan Correcto (7ml)12 Pcs
    SAR 17.90
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5 Items