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  1. Constructor Calcularis

    -39% Constructor Calcularis	Constructor Calcularis

    Meet Calcularis, scientifically proven learning software that stimulates the brain to create new learning pathways through a multisensory strategy fostering enhanced mathematical and numerical proficiency.

  2. Fabella

    • A versatile web-based tool, built to empower creators and developers to tell stories, write games, or produce enterprise-, educational-, and productivity solutions, and share these on platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Windows, Google Home, phones and tablets.
  3. Constructor Orthograph

    -20% Constructor Orthograph Constructor Orthograph

    Meet Grafari (Orthograph), the learning software that makes independent mastering of writing and spelling a reality.   Designed to cater the needs of all learners whether they are gifted, average, or slow, Grafari (Orthograph)'s effectiveness has been proven in a number of scientific studies. 

  4. LearnOBots

    -40% LearnOBots LearnOBots

    Your one-stop STEAM platform preparing students and teachers for the future job market with an advanced global curriculum, hands-on simulators, and certifications, enabling schools to run their own STEAM programs. Includes 15+ domains; AI, Robotics, Coding, Space-Tech, Renewable Energy, Block Chain, Bio-Tech, Fin-Tech, Electrical, Electronics, 3D modeling & 3D printing, Web design, Web development, Game development, UN SDGs. 

  5. Daily Exercises Using Artificial Intelligence AI

    • Experience a transformation in your language abilities with our AI tutor, designed to elevate your listening and speaking skills.
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5 Items