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  1. Easy Money Boot Camp-arabic

    • Non-technical workshop on basics of money and leadership-+6hrs
    • fun, interactive workshop on basics of money

    About the training, learning, and mentoring at the bootcamp Educational Outcomes Easy Money

    Most people are emotionally attached to money. Since this emotional connection and previous financial experiences are rooted in the personal unconscious (subconscious mind), we should know that the activities offered by MoneySM Easy Training Camp are aimed at building financial awareness and probing beliefs, habits and ideas related to money through short quizzes and self-assessment. Easy training by applying personal and group exercises and effective discussions to change behaviors and dispel old habits.

    SAR 75.00
  2. Graffiti art


    3 parts

    SAR 102.00
  3. Portrait Drawing

    SAR 102.00
  4. Family Counseling

    • Introduction to Parental Guidance
    • Family
    • Family Capabilities
    • The limits and stages of family counseling
    • Theories and techniques of family counseling
    • Exam
    SAR 102.00
  5. Arabic KG

    The KG Arabic program provides early childhood students and educators with engaging topic based resources as building blocks for introducing young learners to the Arabic language.

    The program expands the child’s oral and listening skills and facilitates the development of core literacy competencies and conversational skills at an early age.

    KG Arabic offers a solid foundation for learning the basics of the Arabic language.

    SAR 150.00
  6. I Start Arabic

    The I Start Arabic program (K-grade 9) is a leveled learning program aligned with the
    National Curricula and built on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign
    Languages ACTFL) standards.

    The platform offers a solid foundation for learning the basics of the Arabic language
    through phonics awareness and provides users with words and expressions that are
    necessary for everyday communication. Scripts and worksheets are available bilingually
    on the platform to ease the learning process for students.

    The program provides content in each of the four language skills to meet the 6 levels expected to be achieved by the learner.

    SAR 150.00
  7. I Read Arabic

    The I Read Arabic program (K-grade 12) offers levelled content for native speakers
    aligned with the national learning outcomes. It’s scientific rubrics are developed by
    literacy experts address the four main pillars of language learning: Reading, Listening,
    Speaking and Writing.

    SAR 150.00
  8. The holistic system in developing leadership and management skills


    • Effective team building
    • Effective Administrative Leadership Communication
    • communication skills
    • Leadership
    SAR 254.00
  9. Vision Board Course

    • How to achieve your long and short term goals.
    • Looking ahead.
    • Make plans for your future to manage your goals.
    SAR 357.00
  10. Time management and stress management are key to career and personal success

    General goals:

    • Evaluate their current use of time and reschedule their day more effectively
    • Learn the scientific basics of time management
    • Determine their goals in a smart way and clarify an action plan to implement the goals
    • Create a list of weekly and then daily work and start implementation
    • Analysis of time wasters and ways to control them
    • Practice techniques for removing obstacles that prevent them from managing their time
    • Analyzing symptoms of stress and work stress and their causes
    • Apply stress management techniques to relieve stress and live a healthier and better life
    SAR 407.00
  11. I think I'm a creative leader

    • Thinking
    • Creative thinking
    • Positive and negative thinking
    • Negative thinking
    • Critical thinking
    SAR 408.00
  12. Self-esteem


    • Explore tools to increase self-esteem and maintain self-esteem
    • curb self-esteem
    • The concept of identification
    SAR 458.00
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