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General introduction on the perception of sounds and their classification, in addition to a comprehensive approach to the classification of instruments in the Western Classical orchestra and the Oriental Takht, as well as the human voice and the choir culture.

Course Plan:

  • Number of Lessons: 5
  • Number of Quizzes: 5
  • Estimated total duration: 90 minutes



  • To be able to aurally perceive different sounds and their types.
  • To be able to differentiate between high, low, soft and loud sounds in everyday life. 
  • To be able to aurally differentiate between instruments that produce high and low sounds.
  • To understand the different categories of instruments.
  • To be able to classify instruments in their respective categories.
  • To learn about the Western Classical orchestra instruments, their sounds and the way they are played.
  • To learn about the main Arabic instruments that form the Oriental Takht
  • To learn about the Oriental Takht’s history
  • To be able to classify the human voice and understand the different categories
  • To learn about the history of the choir culture.
  • To learn about the different types of choir practices and formations



  • Sounds in Our Daily Lives
  • High and Low Musical Instruments
  • Orchestra Instruments
  • The Arabic Instruments
  • The Human Voice
  • Feedback
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MusiqiSkills – Eng