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  1. Educational programs for students with disabilities (1-10)

    1. Electronic spreadsheets for designing individual treatment (educational and rehabilitation) plans
    2. Log in via smart devices (Android - iOS) to collect quantitative and qualitative data
    3. Number of active training targets in the treatment plan data analysis 4. Issuing electronic reports
    Business Intelligence Dashboard
    The possibility of adding the library (a target bank for the service provider)
    Curriculum grows

    300 skills (in different developmental domains such as communication, social skills, and self-reliance) that can be taught to children aged 3-13 years with directed and severe disabilities
    Ability to evaluate (determine the required strengths)
    Family application and supports multimedia (images, audio, video) on smart devices (IOS - Android)

    1-10 Plan-1
    SAR 8910.00
  2. REFD App

    A platform and application to facilitate the link between service providers (teachers and specialists) and service-seekers (customers) according to residential neighborhoods, to provide services to families in their homes according to controls and verification procedures and to provide virtual training sessions.

    - Academic support
    - Occupational Therapy
    - natural therapy
    - Pronunciation and communication
    - Behavior Modification
    - psychological support

  3. Yanmo training for special education teachers


    1. Designing individual treatment programs
    2. Teaching new skills
    3- Understanding behavioral problems and ways to deal with them
    4. Increase family partnership in the educational process
    5. Use of data collection methods
    6. Writing a comprehensive report
    7. The ethics of the practitioner and working with
    8. Working in a multidisciplinary team.

    MP-272-Courses Plan-1
    SAR 271.00
  4. Premimum Package Educational programs for students with disabilities

    Do you find it challenging to identify & address learning priorities for
    individuals with special needs? 

    Ynmo provides you with an end-to-end solution to design and monitor
    individualized educational and rehabilitation programs.

    MP-272-21-70 Plan-1
    SAR 13.00
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4 Items