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  1. Wooden Puzzle

    EduM - 67
    SAR 3.00
  2. Logical thinking cube

    It is a game that is decoded longitudinally and then tried to return it as a cube again. It depends on accuracy of observation, speed of intuition and logical thinking.

    EduM - 035
    SAR 7.00
  3. 7 Metal puzzle

    This game is considered one of the challenging games, which is for intelligence tests and brain stimulation for children and adults. It consists of metal pieces (decoding and installation).

    EduM - 037
    SAR 7.00
  4. Rubiks Cube

    EduM - 62
    SAR 7.00
  5. HIQU Game

    This is one of the world famous intelligence games called HIQU
    Or the letter T as some call it
    It consists of four wooden pieces of one hundred shapes and starts with a straight line and ends with the letter T
    I mean, gradually from the easiest to the most difficult

    EduM - 034
    SAR 7.00
  6. Plastic puzzle powerful - Small

    EduM - 70
    SAR 8.00
  7. 3D Win Challenge Game

    It is an interesting game similar to XO
    But it is distinguished as three-dimensional and its idea is based on the competition of two individuals to obtain the highest points by forming four beads of the same color on one line, whatever it is (longitudinal, transverse, chord or vertical) after selecting each of the competitors for their preferred color and extracting all its beads outward. The competition and when the pills are finished, the total points obtained by each of them are calculated, and the winner is the one with the highest points

    EduM - 036
    SAR 10.00
  8. Pyramid of sizes

    EduM - 68
    SAR 15.00
  9. Side magnets on the glass

    The game depends on the magnetic field and embodies the latest historical achievement, which is the idea of ​​the magnetic train suspended, which was developed by China and reaches a speed of 600 km / h.

    EduM - 033
    SAR 17.00
  10. Plastic puzzle powerful - Large

    EduM - 69
    SAR 18.00
  11. Nails game

    • It is one of the fun games loved by all generations. It gives different three-dimensional shapes such as the face, hands, etc., and can be used as something popular with children in writing numbers, letters and words.
    • Also, through tingling in the hands or different places of the body, negative energy is withdrawn from the body
    EduM - 031
    SAR 22.00
  12. Scrabble - English

    EduM - 60
    SAR 30.00
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