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  1. Heuristics and Fallacies we Think about Money

    • Myths and false ideas we all have in mind about our Money- and how to clear them
    • Tool for financial intelligence- myths busting


    We pride ourselves as humans in being rational! Our logic and capacity to reason after all does set us apart from animals and crustacea.

    However, in reality when making decisions about Money – whether spending, saving or investments – quite often we humans fall into a “mind trap”. We may follow irrational (even illogical) thinking and choose a Fallacy about Money. Let’s be very clear: this is your personal choice!

    SAR 30.00
  2. Science of Happiness Jun 2021

    • Interactive guide to how brain functions and intro to science of happiness. Exercises to promote self-discovery and more happiness.
    • guide to happiness


     The human body is +60% water. Seems solid enough—bones, muscles, even tissue mass that gets bumps and bruises. Yet miraculously, our physical bodies are mostly liquid water, over 60,000 miles of circulatory and nerve systems and a jumble of biochemistry reactions. So remarkable: 37.2 trillion cells at last count!

    SAR 56.00
  3. Easy Money Boot Camp-english

    • Non-technical workshop on basics of money and leadership-+6hrs
    • fun, interactive workshop on basics of money

    About the training, learning, and mentoring at the bootcamp Educational Outcomes Easy Money

    Most people are emotionally attached to money. Since this emotional connection and previous financial experiences are rooted in the personal unconscious (subconscious mind), we should know that the activities offered by MoneySM Easy Training Camp are aimed at building financial awareness and probing beliefs, habits and ideas related to money through short quizzes and self-assessment. Easy training by applying personal and group exercises and effective discussions to change behaviors and dispel old habits.

    SAR 75.00
  4. Interviewing Skills for Decision Makers

    Course Objectives

    • Being able to write a successful resume.
    • Enhance the ability to write a job description.
    • Learn about the different types of interviews.
    • Develop interview skills to understand the potential of the applicant and to know his or her personality and abilities.
    • Learn about the questions to be asked during the interview and its objective.
    • Learn the skills of a successful interlocutor.
    • Develop the skill of body language analysis.
    SAR 511.00
  5. Culture Generale et Preparation Créative


    • Histoire de la mode
    • Entrainer son esprit créatif
    • Trouver l’inspiration
    • La Mode est Art
    • Les grandes Révolutions
    SAR 511.00
  6. Time Management – Eng


    7 Parts

    SAR 511.00
  7. Digital Human Resources

    Detailed objectives:

    • Introduce the concept of digital human resources
    • Explore the digital human resources and identify its importance
    • Compare the traditional versus digital human resources operational process and philosophy
    • Implement the digital human resources and did it change
    • Overcome the digital human resources challenges
    • How can we implement the digital technology at HR level?
    • Connect between the digital recruiting and the digital interview skills
    SAR 511.00
  8. MusiqiSkills – Eng

    General introduction on the perception of sounds and their classification, in addition to a comprehensive approach to the classification of instruments in the Western Classical orchestra and the Oriental Takht, as well as the human voice and the choir culture.

    Course Plan:

    • Number of Lessons: 5
    • Number of Quizzes: 5
    • Estimated total duration: 90 minutes
    SAR 617.00
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